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 PEGC Update

File Directory for All PEGC Updates:

Each Update is named in the format: PEGC_YYYYMMDD_type.txt

Where YYYYMMDD = issue date, and type = 'update', 'extra', etc.

The PEGC distribution list was started with a few journalists just for the sake of having someone know about what I was doing. It's gradually grown to over 100 individuals, mostly journalists, academics, attorneys and human rights activists with an interest in detainee and war crimes issues.

PEGC Update began as a by-product of my information gathering, as a way of passing on items of interest. Reader response has been very positive. The list is confidential. Anyone can submit something, and anonymously if prefferred. I reserve the right to exercise editorial judgment, but apply it sparingly. The PEGC list is open to anyone free of charge. To be removed or added on the list, just send me a request.

Charles Gittings