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I'm not an attorney, but I've tried to adhere to the ethical standards of the bar to the best of my limited knowledge. That understanding includes:
  • Honesty and good faith in all aspects of this effort.

  • Strict avoidance of any conflict of interest.

  • Strict impartiality in regard to matters of fact and law.

  • Due respect for the rules and customs of both the courts and the bar.

  • Due respect for the lawful rights and offices of all persons.

  • My solemn pledge to support, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


This effort has centered on information gathering from a great variety of public sources on the Web. The basic factual record was accumulated from government sources and reliable press accounts.

Government sources include DoD, the White House, DOJ, the State Dept, and various military web sites.

Primary press sources include the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Miami Herald. I check the Times and the Post every day, and The Herald periodically for stories on Guantanamo Bay.

I've tried to monitor all of these sources more or less continuously since 2001.11.13.

I've made an effort to read every pertinent White House and DoD press briefing over that period, and to excerpt any information relevant to the prisoners, DoD Military Commission Order No. 1, or related matters. That's gotten to be a real drag since Obama took office.

Secondary press sources include The Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, CNN, Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times, among others. Which sources I consult when depends on events. I make considerable use of Google to focus on specifics, and it's been an interesting exercise.

I'm just one person. From the start I've been concerned to keep the task as focused, practical, and effective as possible given the limits of my time and resources. It's gone better than I thought it would, mainly because of the excellent web sites all the sources maintain, and because of the outstanding efforts of the press to report the news.


I am a native US citizen born in San Francisco, California. I currently reside in Fort Bragg, California.

I was a computer programmer/analyst from August 1973 through July 2002, and since have concentrated on this project. In February 2009 I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and hence, am now considered disabled. I have family and friends. I have no criminal record.

This effort is has been almost entirely my own. I've found a little pro bono legal assistance, but only a little. The project distribtion list stands at about 120 individuals, and includes journalists, attorneys, and academics (mostly law professors), plus a few friends and relatives.

PEGC is a principled effort to uphold the law. It seems reasonable to suppose that no lawyer should be necessary to enjoin the United States government to enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and especially not in the case of war crimes: people who commit war crimes are supposed to be prosecuted and punished in this country.


I affirm, without any purpose of deception, and subject to the penalties for perjury in US code:
  • I am acting without duress, compulsion, or undue influence by any person or group.

  • This project represents my best efforts to discern both the law and the facts accurately, fully, and free of unlawful intent.

  • To the best of my abilities and understanding, any factual information I report is believed by me to be correct, and where I quote, I try to quote as accurately as possible.

  • The only purpose of this project is to uphold and defend the laws of the United States, and in particular, 18 USC за2441.


  • All the stories, articles, columns, etc, on this site (except US government information which is public domain) are copyright by the author and / or publisher of record. None of this material may be used for any commercial purpose, and anything quoted should be given proper attribution.

  • I believe in having good intentions towards one and all as much as possible: you should too. If every single one of us did that today, by tomorrow we'd all be living in a paradise.

  • This project is dedicated to the memory of Lile Jacks.


Charles B. Gittings Jr.
Fort Bragg, California
[Manson, Washington, to Dec 2005]
[Oakland, California, 1999 to Aug 2004]

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